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Self-Equalizing Hands-Free Freediving

Evolve FREEQ™ Goggles self-equalize at depth using a silicone bladder that fills with water, keeping eyes and contact lenses dry.

Enjoy hands-free equalization paired with a noseclip for the perfect underwater experience.


Dive Deeper and Longer

  • * Achieve greater depths by not wasting air to equalize a mask

  • * Save 30% or more air for longer dives

  • *Enjoy more comfort and relaxation from the streamlined equalization process

Clear Vision

  • * See with clarity and zero water distortion

  • * Dive with your prescription contact lenses

  • * Avoid thermocline shock to the eyes

    * Evolve FREEQ Goggles use anti-fog coating for additional clarity

Recreational & Competition

  • * Clear vision down to depths of 150' (46 meters) for recreational diving with a snorkel and noseclip.

  • * Max depth varies depending on many factors including face shape, water temperatures, etc, and ranges between 60 meters to 80 meters for line diving.

  • * Use with a scooter for for hands-free safety during competitions.

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