About Us

The natural evolution of freedive gear…

Dive deep into the world of freediving with Evolve Apnea, the premier maker of innovative freediving and apnea diving equipment. Inspired by the natural challenges and beauty of Hawai’i, our brand reflects the resilience and adaptability fostered by this unique island paradise.

Hawaii's waters are not just blue - they are a tapestry of evolution. From the mighty winds that sweep the coastlines to the deep waters that hide myriad secrets, each element has played a part in honing our equipment to perfection. This isn't just diving - it's a return to the roots of human connection with the ocean, the same connection that Hawai’i has cultivated for millennia.

Unique in our approach, we embrace the spirit of the true 'watermen.' Our innovative teaching and training methodology employs Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) to venture well offshore, giving our students an unparalleled experience of the ocean's majesty.

So, dive in with Evolve Apnea, where every breath tells a story of adventure, evolution, and the undying spirit of the Hawaiian waters. Discover diving as it was meant to be: raw, pure, and endlessly captivating. Join us, and become a part of our legacy.