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Evolve Tattoo Long Fins – The smallest size long fins with an environmental message!

Evolve Tattoo Long Fins – The smallest size long fins with an environmental message!

All the various forms of waste we expel (plastic, petrol, fertilizer, and more) are wiping out entire species of marine life, destroying precious coral reefs and pristine waterways around the globe. The Pacific Islanders have a history of restricting the harvesting of other fish during the months the flying fish are plentiful because when one food is plentiful there is no reason to harvest others. This is a great example of conservation methods for long term sustainability. We should all follow in their footsteps, and learn from those who came before us so we have something left to leave for those who come after us.

Many of us have become stagnant in our beliefs and ignorant of human impact on the world we share.

We believe it’s time to Evolve!

The Pacific Islanders’ focus on sustainability passes through the generations, always teaching the importance of taking care of native marine life. We believe, as the Pacific Islanders did, that we are meant to live among the dolphins and turtles instead of wreaking havoc on their environment.

Our commitment to this belief is so strong we engraved the values of the early Pacific Islanders right into our Evolve Tattoo Long Fins.

There has not been any evolution in plastic fins for a long time, but we are happy to say the Tattoo fins are here!

Not only are the Tattoo Fins the best looking freediving fins out there, they are also the most comfortable without compromising quality or efficiency. Our new blades are precision machined to have maximum efficiency and are made a little shorter for smaller and lighter bodies. Tattoo Fins are made of ultra-comfortable TPR composite foot pockets and have been developed specifically for freedivers with smaller feet. Plus, these new fins are so light they actually float!

Our blades have also been specifically designed so the top and bottom have functional laid out grooves, rails and guide fins to provide the most efficient propulsion available in a thermo-plastic fin. Even beginners can now easily feel the propulsion without blade slip, helping them easily glide through the water. Tattoo fins will feel like a natural extension of your feet as they effortlessly propel you through the water.

Not your grandma’s fins, truly Evolved!